Digital Mobility - Product Management

"Mobile systems for a mobile society."

Mobility is a megatrend of our modern society. We are at the beginning of a multimobile age marked by multiple forms of mobility. Whether for driver assistance, mobile communications in everyday life and work or in the intelligent control of our homes - we are both networked, and at the same time, mobile. Mobility makes possible personal freedom, quality of life and a healthy economy.

In the innovative Mobile Systems masters' degree programme you will gain the skills you need to meet the challenges of the mobile society. This is what makes this master's programme special. The applications-oriented study programme has 2 areas of specialization: digital mobility and product management.

Digital Mobility involves on the one hand the mobility of users in connection with mobile devices and applications, in other words movement in virtual space. On the other hand it involves the mobility of information - access to digital information and applications over time and space which lays an important basis for the coming internet of things.

The challenges of mobile systems product management require a complete, systematic and sustainable approach. In this master's programme you will gain a rigorous grounding in the identification, evaluation and design of IT solutions for mobile systems. You will learn to coordinate digital mobility projects in the areas of Smart Living, the Smart Home and Mobile Computing. In doing so you will develop solutions which aim to benefit society and improve people's lives.

The following graphic gives you an overview of the possible application areas of mobile systems:

Your area of expertise will depend on your previous knowledge and your interests. Projects you may work on could be, for example:

What kind of health maintenance and support systems can be developed for the disabled?
How can smart home systems be designed to be user-friendly and safe?
How can traffic infrastructures be made more intelligent and sustainable with mobile computing devices?

Our close collaboration with industry partners means that coursework is relevant to real life, right from the start, which means excellent career prospects for our graduates.

As this degree programme is taught primarily in German, for more information, please check the German website here.