The Software Product Management degree programme will be offered from the winter semester 2015/16 on in the IT PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Bachelor degree programme as the Software Processes area of specialization.

Innovation in the booming IT Market

IT product managers are critically important in the globalized world. They ensure that IT products and services are marketable and commercially viable. Graduates who specialize in this area plan, organize and coordinate complex projects. As product strategists, they implement their IT expertise at the interface between development and the marketplace ensuring that  products are developed in a user-oriented way and can be quickly adjusted to meet market trends. Continuous contact with customers and developers requires outstanding communications skills.

As an IT Product Manager you are responsible for the life-cycle of products - from the design, product development and product launch, to after-sales support. You are knowledgeable in modern information technologies and know how these are built into and used in global market structures. The Software Processes area of specialization provides you with core skills in Computer Science, Management and IT Markets. This interdisciplinary degree programme guarantees you excellent career prospects in an exciting, and quite possibly international, field of work.

Please note: The Software Processes area of specialization was originally part of the Software Product Management degree programme which is now no longer being offered. This area of specialization is being offered in this form for the first time in winter semester 2015/16.