Equipment & Labs

The Faculty of Digital Media has a number of superbly equipped labs where students can consolidate what they have learned in lectures. The range of opportunities includes everything from image editing and the creation of sound recordings to post-production work for feature-length films. 

The faculty's labs also provide excellent working conditions for projects in forward-looking fields such as immersive media and interactive applications. Students regularly use the facilities to execute interdisciplinary projects in the field of media computer science with the help of renowned specialists from the media industry. 

The labs are also important for research. The equipment meets the highest standards, making the labs a popular choice for professors and students working on innovative research projects and ambitious final theses.

Overview of our labs

  • Studio
  • Recording studio and control room
  • Interactive media lab
  • Laser lab
  • MediaSynthesisLab
  • Quadrocopter lab
  • Computer labs
  • Video labs
  • VR lab

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