Your Career in Safe Hands

In a world which is becoming ever more complex and therefore more vulnerable, too, academically-trained security experts are more sought after than ever. This innovative study programme has the primary aim of providing interdisciplinary education for engineers in the fields of security and safety. In this context, security means defence against specific attacks and safety means the protection from dangers and events. As part of their studies, students will learn to analyse different dangers and evaluate them as well as deduce precautionary and protective measures thus limiting the remaining risk and possible negative results.

Reasons for Choosing Our Programme

  • excellent career prospects in a growth sector
  • manifold employment options
  • innovative study programme
  • interdisciplinary application
  • hands-on education
  • numerous job-focused additional qualifications possible
  • individual specialisation due to high percentage of elective areas
  • individual contact with lecturers
  • renowned university
  • accredited programme

Diverse and Sought-After
Equipped with a broad knowledge in areas such as technology, management and psychology, our students learn to judge safety-relevant issues. Thus both people and the environment are protected from dangers. Material assets both of individuals and the industry and business as well as public ones are protected from damage. The security aspect regards specific attacks. These include industrial espionage, product piracy, damage to production plants or processes through intentional interventions and IT-based crime. The safety aspect focuses in particular on health and safety at work, ergonomics, fire prevention, hazardous materials, defence against dangers, management of crises and catastrophic events. Safety and security interact closely. There is a wide field of areas requiring protection; ranging from small- and medium-sized companies to critical infrastructure (e.g. power supply, transportation logistics) and including every single economic sector. A significant part of the program can be designed to suit individual interests through electives.

Hands-On Approach
Furtwangen  University attaches great importance to practical relevance in its study programs. Contacts with industry, NGOs as well as the relevant authorities are enhanced through numerous excursions and seminars. Practical relevance is further supported through small work groups and individual work. Additional qualifications are also offered:

  • Safety at Work Officer
  • Radiation Protection Officer
  • Fire Protection Officer
  • Hazardous Goods Officer (road transports)
  • Protection of Property

Prospective engineers have the opportunity to apply the skills gained in a practical setting and gain experience in a working environment, even while they are studying. This is made possible, for example, during internship semesters and furthered through various semester projects.

Wanted: Specialists for Safety and Prevention

Our graduates can be deployed as generalists in small and medium-sized companies or as specialists in a large company, government office or insurance firm. Another possibility is working in the safety at work or security consulting sectors as employed or self-employed service provider.

Typical fields of operation are the development of security technologies, the creation of security concepts, the implementation of management systems, training of prevention staff or advising management on the implementation of safety and security measures. Further fields of operation are continuously opening up.


  • advising companies and management
  • analysing event causes and effects
  • evaluating vulnerabilities and risk areas
  • generating security concepts and management systems
  • implementing security measures
  • staff training

Areas of Operation

  • in any economic sector
  • in small and medium-sized companies or major corporations
  • public sector, insurance firms
  • internal, external, self-employed
  • service provider e.g. for security consulting or safety at work advisors
  • developer of safety products and technologies