Programme Content

The Mechatronics degree programme is based on a wide variety of mechanical engineering fundamentals, specifically a combination of computer science, mechanics, and electrical engineering. Specialisation in later semesters provides the experience needed for future jobs in many different sectors. The programme particularly focuses on questions of system integration and industrial communication technology.

Major fields of study include, by necessity, automation engineering, drive technology, sensor technology, and modelling and simulating mechanical processes.

Graduates go on to work primarily in the development of mechatronic systems and the design and implementation of automation solutions.

The mechatronics degree programme – very practical!

Studying mechatronics in Tuttlingen means you’ll study with 100 companies! Starting as early as the first semester, students are able to gain practical experience as a result of the university’s strong links with industry:

  • Placements in company laboratories
  • Lecture series with experts from the industry
  • Introduction to the mechatronics field with six to eight cooperating companies
  • Mentoring by skilled experts and management staff from companies in the industry
  • Placements focusing on the fundamentals of materials engineering, electrical engineering, physics, computer science, and metrology
  • Placements in industrial communication technology, sensor systems, robotics, and signal processing
  • Projects such as product development, mechatronics, and optional projects with companies in the industry