Basic studies

1st semester

Construction Design and Mechatronics, Mathematics 1, Soft Skills for Industrial Systems Design (ISD), Physical and Electronic Fundamentals, Engineering Mechanics and Materials Engineering 1

2nd semester

Electronics, Mathematics 2, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering Mechanics and Materials Engineering 2

Advanced studies

3rd semester

Automation and Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Mechanical Engineering, Metrology, Computer Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Drive Technology

4th semester

Practical training semester

5th semester

Computer-Aided Engineering, year-long project (part one), Digital Process Peripherals, Digital Technology, Industrial Process Peripherals, Signals and Systems

6th semester

Industrial Motors, year-long project (part two), Mechatronic Projects, Mechatronic Systems, Specialized Systems Engineering, Elective Modules

7th semester

Bachelor’s thesis, Digital Signals and Systems


BSc in Industrial Systems Design