Great opportunities in manufacturing engineering!

The industrial manufacturing programme is practical and offers up-to-date course content and contact with more than 100 leading companies, including many in the mechanical engineering sector.

The Tuttlingen campus has strong connections to business and industry, and company tours and industrial placements give students the chance to get their foot in the door early on and secure an in-demand job in the industry. The chances of being hired by one of the participating companies after graduation are also very high.

Career profile and opportunities


With a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Manufacturing, you can develop products according to specific requirements, standards, and quality and economic criteria. Such products could include a mass-produced crankshaft for a car or a complicated aeroplane component.


Industry fields


Industrial manufacturing graduates work primarily in business and industry, laboratories, research and development, and universities or other educational institutions in the following fields:

    • Planning, development, and commissioning of production machines and systems
    • Automation of production flows
    • Development and implementation of new production processes
    • Quality and environmental management
    • Manufacturing methods and tool technology
    • Process planning and supervision