Medicine, engineering, and natural science: a combination for the future

The medical engineering sector is booming, but there is already a lack of specialists with technological experience.

The Industrial Med Tec programme trains these specialists, is practical, and offers up-to-date course content and direct contact with more than 100 leading companies, including many from the medical engineering sector.

The Tuttlingen campus has strong connections to business and industry, and company tours and industrial placements give students the chance to get their foot in the door early on and secure an in-demand job in the industry. The chances of being hired by one of the participating companies after graduation are also very high.


Career profile and opportunities


Advanced medical care is not possible today without highly developed medical products and instruments. Industrial MedTec engineers plan, supervise, and lead the development and manufacturing of instruments and complex medical appliances as well as the necessary manufacturing processes.

Industry fields


Industrial MedTec graduates work primarily in business and industry, laboratories, research and development, clinics, and universities or other educational institutions in the following fields:


  • Development of new medical products and equipment
  • Specialised medical engineering application tasks
  • Development and commission of laboratory and medical facilities
  • Cooperative and supervisory positions in companies and clinics
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing and sales, product management