Basic studies

1st semester


Construction and Medical Engineering, Mathematics 1, Soft Skills for Industrial Med Tec (IMT), Physical and Electronic Fundamentals, Engineering Mechanics and Materials Engineering 1

2nd semester


Electronics, Mathematics 2, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering Mechanics and Materials Engineering 2

Advanced studies

3rd semester


Automation and Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Mechanical Engineering, Metrology, Computer Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Drive Technology

4th semester


Practical training semester

5th semester


Year-long project (part one), Computer-Aided Engineering, Digital Technology, Fundamentals of Developing Medical Instruments, Signals and Systems, Special Aspects of Developing Medical Appliances


6th semester


Year-long project (part two), Medical Appliance Engineering 1, Medical Appliance Engineering 2, Medical Engineering Projects, Minimally Invasive Procedures, elective modules

7th semester


Bachelor’s thesis, manufacturing medical products



BSc in Industrial MedTec