Programme content

The simulation and engineering mathematics programme is designed for practical application and is based on applied mathematics, physics, mechanics, electrical engineering, computer science, computer-supported simulation, construction design, control technology, and engineering sciences.

This degree programme is therefore a new area of specialisation where engineering meets mathematics

Degree programme in Simulation and Engineering Mathematics – logical thinking required

Studying virtual engineering in Tuttlingen means you’ll study with 100 companies! Starting as early as the first semester, students are able to gain practical experience as a result of the university’s strong links with industry:

  • Placements in company laboratories
  • Lecture series with experts from the industry
  • Introduction to the specialist field of virtual engineering with six to eight cooperating companies
  • Mentoring by skilled experts and management staff from companies in the industry
  • Placements focusing on the fundamentals of materials engineering, electrical engineering, physics, automation technology, computer science, metrology, and sensor technology
  • Placements in hardware-focused programming, virtual engineering, multibody systems, and field simulation
  • Projects such as networked systems and optional projects with companies in the industry