Lifelong learning: an IBST programme for working professionals!

Medical engineering, health sciences, and the entire healthcare sector already impact many aspects of life with their interdisciplinary technologies. These areas provide expanding markets and technologies for the future – with great potential for development and innovation.

The medical engineering and health industries are therefore calling for more internationally focused management abilities. Expertise in current technological developments is a must!

It's international, by the way!


The Medical Devices & Healthcare Management degree programme offers training for ambitious employees.

The programme, conducted in English at the International Business School Tuttlingen, provides international, practical, advanced training and direct contact with experts from business and industry. It is designed for working professionals.

Career profile and opportunities

Graduates with an MBA in Medical Devices & Healthcare Management possess a sound knowledge of marketing and management for international markets and a comprehensive understanding of economic and business realities. They negotiate with an eye towards innovation and cost-effectiveness and practice entrepreneurial thinking. Graduates of this programme will have very good future career prospects in medical engineering and in the clinical and pharmaceutical fields.



Industry fields

Graduates of the Medical Devices & Healthcare Management MBA programme work around the world as experts and as management, especially in business and industry, clinics, and pharmaceutical facilities. Employment in universities or other educational institutions is also possible in the following fields:

  • Project management
  • Marketing and product management
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Human resource management
  • Management

Report from a graduate