Tri-National Study Programme Information Communication Systems

In the future engineers with a broad knowledge base and intercultural experience will be highly sought after to manage multinational projects.  Besides a strong technical grounding, they will be expected to have strong intercultural competencies, business acumen and management skills.  The ICS programme meets all these requirements.

Studying at Three Universities
The tri-national ”Information Communication Systems“ study programme is based in three universities in three different countries. The engineering faculties in all three study locations – Furtwangen (Germany), Windisch (Switzerland) and Mulhouse (France) – are all very well-established.

Programme Goals

  • specialist IT competency
  • intercultural experience
  • language skills

Broad curriculum

  • basic engineering sciences (maths, physics, signals and systems)
  • electronic systems (systems engineering, electronics, micro-computers, automation)
  • IT systems (software engineering, embedded systems, spread systems, operating systems, databases, networks, communication)
  • intercultural communication (German, French, English, communications)
  • entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial science and law in three countries)
  • methodology (project management,  self-management, working techniques)
  • broad options for specialisation depending on one’s own strengths and interests

Reasons for Choosing Our Programme

  • comprehensive curriculum with a sound technical basis and additional business and legal modules
  • flexible study concept geared to the individual
  • courses can be selected from the complete range of modules of three highly-recognized universities (HFU, FHNW, UHA).
  • excellent study conditions enhancing intercultural competencies
  • small study groups with individual teaching support
  • extensive cooperation with multinational companies
  • further academic opportunities to gain master's degree or doctorate
  • outstanding career prospects

Career Prospects
Our graduates are highly sought-after high potentials for internal and external interface positions. Future professional career options include project and product management and international project planning.The broad-based and intensive course, with its strong focus on electronics and information technology means career prospects are not limited to any one specific economic sector. Depending on the individual specialisations selected, you will be equipped for careers as varied as applied research, technology development, management consulting or production. Hands-on training, presentation techniques and business modules also provide the skills required for a career in high-tech sales.