International Center

The International Center is the central office for all foreign students and guests at Furtwangen University, as well as for students, researchers and staff planning a period of time abroad. The International Center is also responsible for maintaining and developing international university networks and is the contact for all questions related to the internationalization of study, teaching and research.

Language Center

The Language Center offers a broad range of language and cultural awareness courses and an innovative online learning system for all HFU students and staff. Language courses offered are: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and German as a Foreign language.

Global Services

Global Services is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of the internationalization process at Furtwangen University. This includes the establishment of an international campus and the encouragement of international mobility for both students and staff, as well as supporting the internationalization process in teaching.

International Coordinators & Regional Coordinators

The International and Regional Coordinators in the individual faculties are responsible for the coordination and development of international activities in their faculites. They are the main contacts for the counselling and supervision of international guest and exchange students at HFU. The International and Regional Coordinators also assist HFU students who have questions about their exchange semester and with the accreditation of credits gained abroad.


The ombudsman for international students represents the interests of all international students, ensures the quality of the supervision of foreign students and that the standards set down in the National Codex for study of foreign students at German Universities are followed. The standards of the National Codex includes the areas of information, marketing and counselling; admissions and evaluation; academic, language and welfare counselling for international students and credits necessary for degree awards. The ombudsman is the contact person for general complaints regarding the ERASMUS programme.