The international strategy of Furtwangen University has 4 main aims:

  • As many HFU students as possible should spend an exchange and/or internship semester abroad.
  • An international campus is encouraged not only by attracting both international students and academic staff, but also by expanding the number of courses taught in English.
  • HFU's international affiliation network will be further developed, building relationships with foreign partner universities and strengthening international contacts.
  • HFU students are taught work-related skills specifically geared towards international employment and careers.

International Stategy

Internationalization is at the core of HFU's strategic development. All members of the university contribute towards this goal of sustainable and qualititative internationalization. Details of our international strategy can be found here.


HFU International, the International Center, the Language Center, Global Services and the International Affairs Project Group all coordinate, support and expand the international activities of HFU. More information about their responsibilities, contacts and the HFU International Organigram can be found here.