Many university partnerships are developed and maintained through the efforts of individual members of staff, central services and project groups. Teaching staff regularly take the opportunity to work as a guest lecturer abroad or spend a professional development semester at a partner university abroad.

Under the aegis of HFU International, the 3 central services, the International Center, the Language Center and Global Services, make it possible for many students to carry out successful exchanges and make HFU the international and cosmopolitan university that it is.

HFU International

HFU International coordinates and supports the international activities of Furtwangen University and develops these in line with the internationalization strategy. It serves as an umbrella organization for the 3 central services, the International Center, the Language Center and Global Services, the English names of which make clear their core importance for international exchange and intercultural encounters.

International Center

The International Center (IC) provides information and support for HFU students and staff planning to go abroad. HFU students are given all-round assistance in the planning and organization of their exchange semester. The International Center is the central office for all foreign students, academics and guests. The welcome package for visiting and exchange students includes complete orientation and support services, as well as an interesting excursion programme.

Contact: International Center

Language Center

The Language Center (LC) is responsible for foreign language training at HFU. General and special purpose foreign language courses which are modules within degree programmes, and courses in German as a foreign language for foreign students, are generally run by the Language Center.

To increase international skills, the LC offers a wide range of courses and support specifically aimed at the needs of students and HFU staff. The Language Center is also responsible for the certification of language skills and the provision of teaching and learning materials.

Contact: Language Center

Global Services

Global Services (GS) is responsible for the strategic development of the internationalization process at the university. This involves the consolidation of existing university partnerships and the development of new strategic partnerships, as well as the coordination of HFU support programmes, the expansion of courses taught in English and the support of multiple languages throughout the university. Other responsibilities include the general process of internationalization, the design and implementation of a comprehensive international strategy and the acquisition of third party funding.

Contact: Global Services - Dr. Stefanie Scherr

International Affairs Project Group

The International Affairs Project Group coordinates and accompanies the internationalization process at Furtwangen University. The Project Group initiates and supports university-wide communication of the strategy process and defines guidelines for the internationalization activities of the university. It is also responsible for the operations planning of our internationalization goals and for providing recommendations for implementing such goals.

The Project Group is headed by the Vice President International and Executive Learning supported by Global Services. Other members of the Project Group are the international and regional coordinators from all faculties, the International Center, the Language Center, representatives of central services and additional lay members.