What is the "Engineering Study Abroad Program"?

The Engineering Study Abroad Program which is run by HFU in cooperation with the San Diego State University (SDSU), is a so-called "faculty-led program" for engineering students at SDSU. "Faculty-led" means that the students are accompanied by a lecturer from their own university who is normally responsible for one of the technical modules. The host university organizes a geography module and a cultural programme. Students from SDSU are fully accredited for this summer program by their own university. These programs are very popular with US American students who often extend their stay abroad for a whole semester.

What does the "Engineering Study Abroad Program" at HFU offer?

  • The 4-week engineering summer school offers an attractive range of engineering courses (Fluid Mechanics) and a "Women in German History" module.
  • Numerous excursions offer American students deep insights into the culture and economic region of south-west Germany. Visits include the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen and a local firm.
  • The summer school is a close cooperation between the International Center of HFU and the College of Extended Studies at SDSU and strengthens the already existing close contacts between the two universities.


2000 During a research engagement at San Diego State University (SDSU), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder meets Prof. Dr. Nagy Nosseir and initiates the close cooperation between SDSU and HFU.
2008 Prof. Nosseir visits Furtwangen University for a 6-month research and teaching engagement during which time the HFU summer school project idea for SDSU engineering students is conceived.
August 2015 9 SDSU students take part in the Engineering Study Abroad Program, which is jointly organized by HFU and SDSU.
August 2016 16 SDSU students attend the 2nd summer school accompanied by Prof. Nosseir.


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