I.DEAR - Ingenieure Deutschland-Argentina

What is I.DEAR and HFUBA?

The HFUBA Project is designed to promote close academic collaboration between Furtwangen University and the University of Buenos Aires in the areas of engineering and student exchange. The project focus is on the exchange of engineering students. Students will spend one study semester at the partner university and a mandatory internship at an Argentinian or German company. Intensive language instruction before the period abroad in the guest country will ensure successful exchange without language barriers.

The I.DEAR Programme stands for "Ingenieure Deutschland - Argentina" (Engineers Germany - Argentina) and promotes the cooperation between German and Argentinian universities, teachers and researchers as well as the exchange of engineering students from both countries.

The I.DEAR project is funded by DAHZ- CUAA (Deutsch-Argentinisches Hochschulzentrum/German-Argentinian University Centre – Centro Universitario Argentino-Alemán). The DAHZ - CUAA aims to strengthen and promote the institutional, academic and scientific cooperation between Argentina and Germany, specifically to create and promote innovative study programmes in the form of binational double degree programmes.

What will the I.DEAR programme make possible?

The I.DEAR Programme is a bilateral programme which funds exchange projects for engineering degree programmes between Germany and Argentina. The programme provides for:

  • a 2-semester period of stay at the partner university - in one semester students will study at the university, in the other students will complete an internship in a company
  • intensive language instruction prior to the stay abroad in order to remove possible language barriers during the exchange
  • mutual recognition of study credits gained at the partner university
  • exchange of coordinators, teachers and researchers to promote mobility between the universities and create new impulses for teaching, research and technological innovation in both countries

Project goals

Strengthening of cooperation between Furtwangen University and the University of Buenos Aires in the area of engineering:

  • Funding of international mobility of students: the programme provides for a 2-semester stay in the guest country of which one is a mandatory internship at a suitable company
  • additional Spanish and German courses to remove possible language barriers during the student exchange
  • medium-term development and funding of binational engineering double degree programmes
  • funding of scientific and business cooperative ventures in the area of biomedical technology


At HFU, several engineering degree programmes in the Faculties of Mechanical & Medical Engineering, Medical & Life Sciences and the HFU Business School will participate in the I.DEAR Programme. The programme partner at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) is the Faculty of Engineering, one of the top engineering schools in South America. HFU and UBA aim to build a strong university partnership to make exchange between students possible and to promote scientific collaboration.


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