Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bahman Azarhoushang
Head of KSF Institute, Hochschule Furtwangen University

Motivation: The main motivation for this program is establishing scientific contacts and cultural interacts between German, Iranian and Jordanian engineering students and scientists. With the planned and also already carried out workshops and summer schools in these three lands we intend to get better understanding of differences between educational systems and cultures, optimize the contacts between universities and industry and discuss the women´s participation in academy and industry. A dialogue between Sunnis and Shiites engineering students is also another aspect of the program. The main objective is to establish a dialogue that despite the current crisis situation in the Middle East can contribute to an educationally meaningful development. Visiting industry and technical museums, playing music, sightseeing, hiking and cooking together will be practised in this program as very effective ways for people with different cultural and faith backgrounds to bond with each other on a deeper level. We hope to establish a bond which grows and has a long-lasting impact. The last but not the least, we want to use our cultural diversity as a stimulator of creativity.

Amir Daneshi

PhD student at University of Freiburg
Scientific employee at Furtwangen University.

Motivation: this program gives the opportunity to get to know other students, schooling and education systems. This connection definitely helps me to have a closer view of research and development in Islamic countries.

Ali Zahedi

PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology.
Researcher at Furtwangen University. 

Motivation: to support the mutual understanding of the scientists from different cultural backgrounds so that technical collaboration could be extended beyond the geographical, religious and cultural boundaries. Accordingly more productive joint academic activities can be organized.

Babak Soltani

M.Sc. Material engineering, M.Sc. International MBA
Furtwangen University

Motivation: International business includes all commercial transactions (private sales, investments, logistics, and transportation). Such international diversification is tied with firm performance and innovation, positively in the case of the former and often negatively in the case of the latter. Therefore, I have a great interest in cross-cultural communication and global business organization for my future profession. The DAAD cultural communication program is a great opportunity to take part in. Since I am working on ultrasonic assisted turning as a new technology for future finishing industries, I have spoken on ultrasonic technology application in finishing industry. It can be a part of communication in technical field.

Maria Kohmann

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH)
Furtwangen University

Motivation: The countries in this world have different backgrounds according to culture, language, religion and tradition. Globalization and easy access to communication should make it easier to understand and respect these differences, but in fact the differences often cause misunderstandings, disputes and sometimes even wars. So it is very important that a common understanding is established to reveal opportunities and threats that are caused by cultural diversity. The best way to do this is a “dialogue” between these different cultures/nations. I have a great interest in learning about different nations/cultures/religions and especially about the way women cope in their changing environments, how they lead their life between tradition and “modern” life.

Heike Kitzig

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), PhD candidate
Furtwangen University

Motivation: Globalization is an ongoing process. It is obvious, that the personal meeting of foreigners, especially of different religions, lead to deeper understanding of their cultures. This is necessary to overcome prejudices in both ways. It is easier to understand and respect differences and makes it easier to communicate. Exchange of knowledge, preferences, even tastes lead to friendships with very interesting people and remove barriers in the heads.

Nima Jandaghi

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Project Engineer Furtwangen University
KSF Institute of Grinding and Precision Technology

Motivation: I am originally from Iran but I have spent most of my life and done all my studies in Germany. As a German engineer I am interested in the variations of engineering careers within different countries. Getting to know the cultural features and their effects on the technical and academic aspects of life in European and Islamic countries have been also my points of interest for years. 

The dialogue program funded by DAAD between Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences, German Jordanian University and the Shiraz University of Technology provides an outstanding opportunity for me to answer many of my questions and accordingly I would be glad to take part in the dialogue program and its events.

Sergej Schamraj

M.Sc.-Ing, PhD candidate
Furtwangen University

Motivation: My major motivation to join this project was to communicate with people and try to build my own opinion about the culture in Iran and Jordan.

Sebastian Ludwig

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
Furtwangen University
Position at KSF: research assistant, work on different projects about grinding processes

Motivation: My motivation to join this program was that I'm very interested in cultural exchange and having fun with other people.