Rula M. Allaf

Major: Industrial Engineering
Degree: Phd

Motivation: It is a good opportunity to learn more about the German  industry. An opportunity  for technical cooperation and research. An opportunity to learn about the German and Iranian cultures, people, technologies, and countries. An opportunity to change some people‚Äôs ideas about Arabs and Muslims.

Mais Rawwash

German Jordanian University, Industrial engineering

Motivation: understanding other cultures within a technical frame

Batool Alrifai

German Jordanian University, Industrial engineering

Motivation: to think out of the box and be multicultural

Qusai Masharqa

German Jordanian University, Mechanical Engineering

Motivation: meeting new people and having new experiences

Zaid Abu-Jubara

German Jordanian University, Mechatronics Engineering

Motivation: learning new technical stuff in an international environment