Alireza Mokhtar

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering
Head of Iranian Team

Motivation: I believe that the majority of todays world challenges are due to overlooking sustainable development for many years and decades. Building a peaceful and constructive dialogue between educated people from different cultures and environments could be the first step towards understanding and realizing of sustainable development. As the coordinator of the Iranian team, I hope the contribution of members from all three sides successfully ends up with the projects valuable achievements. 

Delara Mohammad-Aghaie

Phd of Physical Chemistry and faculty member of Shiraz University of Technology in the department of chemistry (assistant professor)

Motivation: I participated in this project as it can give me the opportunity of becoming familiar with the education systems of Germany and Jordan and know more about their culture. The main point for me was the concentration of the program on the issues related to education of women and their participation in the labor market.

Marzieh Kadivar

Phd student, studying Civil engineering at Shiraz University of Technology

Motivation: It is my honor to be in this group because I believe that knowing a new culture is a new life.

Samaneh Sadat Miri Rostami

Master student, major: Information technology (Computer Network)

Motivation: It was good chance for me to participate in this project. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about new cultures within a technical frame.

Arefeh Abbasi

Mechanical engineering at Shiraz University of Technology

Motivation: to participate in an international program and have a cooperation with other countries.