Program of Events 2015



Photo Gallery from Program (December, 2015)

Program of Events 2016

Photo Gallery from Program (December 2016)

SUTECH University programme members
Visit to Aban Air Coolers Co. (Established 1996 in Shiraz, Iran)
Specialize in engineering, design, production and supply, installation and commissioning of heat transfer systems for oil, gas and petrochemical plants, direct/indirect power plant cooling systems, skid mounted process packages and water refrigeration packages for variety of applications
Visit to Akshab Seat Belt Co. (Established 1975 in Shiraz)
Largest seat belt manufacturer with high tech production in Iran. More than 34 years experience (under license of Autoliv). In 2008 chosen as superior product of Soren Vehicle by R&D of Industries and Mines organization.
Visit to BA Food Company (Fast Food production and packaging)
Cultural program - Sightseeing in Isfahan
Cultural program - Sightseeing - Nasir al Molk Mosque
Cultural program - Sightseeing in Shiraz
Cultural program - Sightseeing - Zinat al Molook House