Alireza Mokhtar

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering
Head of Iranian Team

In Dec. 2015, we were host of the second meeting of the DAAD project at the Shiraz University of Technology campus. My team and I, (including Delara, Razieh, Negar, Ahmad and Amirhossein), had been busy organizing the event for more than two months, working hard to carry out the official procedures and plan for the activities. I am happy that the outcome of this program was satisfactory and we achieved some of the goals of the project. My special thanks to all of my team members and wish them all the best for the next meetings.

Delara Mohammad-Aghaie

Phd in Physical Chemistry and faculty member of Shiraz University of Technology Chemistry Department (assistant professor)

The second round of the DAAD Supported German-Iranian-Jordanian joint project was held in our city, Shiraz. For me it was a great opportunity to participate in Scientific lectures; industrial visits and also city sight seeings along with our guests from Jordan and Germany. It was our honor to be host for this round of the project. Although the time was limited to 5 days; we tried to consider scientific, industrial and even cultural aspects in our schedule. In continuation of the German summer school; this round of the project was also successful and I think we could get closer to our defined targets.

Ali Zahedi

PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology.
Researcher at Furtwangen University. 

I would like to express my compliments to the autumn-school in Shiraz hosted by Shiraz university of technology. The experience in Shiraz enriched the dialogue program with a great combination of technical, cultural and academic content. The precise planning of the program took advantage of every hour and provided the guests the opportunity to get to know each other, talk about dialogue themes, take part in industrial and sightseeing tours, and plan for the future events especially the spring school in Jordan.

Maria Kohmann

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH)
Furtwangen University

The workshop in Shiraz was an excellent opportunity to learn about the differences in Iran, Jordan and Germany concerning economy, research, cooperation between industry and universities, social life and the way women cope in their changing environments.

Nima Jandaghi

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Project Engineer Furtwangen University
KSF Institute of Grinding and Precision Technology

Although I’m originally from Iran, I was really surprised about the improvements that have been made in Iranian industry over the last decade. The factory visits have been very interesting and promising. I have also been amazed about the historical value of Shiraz for Iranian culture.

Sebastian Ludwig

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Furtwangen University
Research assistant at KSF

I had a great time at the workshop in Shiraz. I learned a lot about the differences between Iran, Jordan and Germany from a technical and cultural view. I´m looking forward to extend these experiences during the next workshops in Jordan and Germany.

Amir Hossein Salehi

Student of Industrial engineering at SUTECH

Visiting this group and working with them was a new and also great experience for me. Furthermore, attendance in conferences and seminars and discussion sessions was so effective and productive.

In the hope of promoting more and more for DAAD.

Negar Parvizi

PhD student of Physical Chemistry

In my opinion, meeting new friends with different cultural backgrounds was a unique experience. Furthermore, we had fruitful discussions on industrial projects which i hope the obtained results assist us to extend the collaboration between three partner universities.

Razieh Mousavi

Studying for MSc in Industrial engineering at SUTECH

It was an honor to host the second gathering of DAAD program in Shiraz. Visiting very nice people from Jordan and Germany was a wonderful experience. I think the program was fruitful and comprehensive because we consider both industrial and sightseeing tours in the schedule. I am looking forward to seeing all the participants in the next gathering.

Seyed Ahmad

Industrial Engineering student, SUTECH

The DAAD Workshop, for me, was a good team working experience. I got to spend time with amazing people—from Germany, Jordan and Iran. I learned so much about different cultures, from the wonderful Jordanian and German guests. I learned so much about different education systems and industries. I am so glad and I hope to learn so many other useful experiences in the subsequent stages of the program in the future.

Iyas Khader

Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering, M.Sc. in Mechatronics, B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor and Head of Industrial Engineering Department
German Jordanian University

The fall school in Shiraz was an exceptional culturally enriching experience. Having discussed the relationship between higher education establishments and the industry, and comparing the Jordanian and Iranian experience with the well-developed successful German experience helped us pinpoint some of the crucial points that need to be addressed in future collaborations.

Jumana Abu-Khalaf

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering - Robotics Track, B.Sc. in Mechatronic Engineering
Head of Department of Mechatronics Engineering and Assistant Professor German Jordanian University

It was my pleasure to take part in the DAAD program which took place in Shiraz earlier this month. Getting to visit Shiraz University of Technology and meeting participants from both Iran and Germany, made me realize that as educators we all share the same goals. It was also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Iranian culture and people who showed exceptional warmth and hospitability. I would like to thank everyone who took part in this program for such an amazing experience.

Anas Atieh

PhD in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering/Design and Manufacturing, B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering
Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering Department, German Jordanian University

Joining the Fall School in Shiraz gave us the opportunity to meet up with academics from Iran and Germany. The cultural experience was unique, the hospitality of our guests was unforgettable, and the discussions were fruitful. I am looking forward to further future collaboration and work within the DAAD funded project CICTI.