Widen your horizons, improve your foreign languages and enjoy of all the personal and academic advantages which an exchange semester during your studies has to offer. Regardless of whether you want to take an exchange semester in Mexico, an internship semester in France, a visiting professorship in the USA or a work exchange programme in Finland - Furtwangen University opens the door and the International Center paves the way and keeps you informed about exchange programmes and scholarship opportunities.

Exchange Semester

The study period abroad is an unforgettable experience for many students and the high point of their time at university. Information about exchange places at our more than 100 partner universities, help with the application and planning of your exchange semester and information about the preparation and follow up procedures involved in your stay abroad can be found here.

Foreign Internship Semester

During an internship abroad the challenge will be to deal with new ways of working and thinking and to gather important work experience in an international context. More information about looking for internship places abroad, financial support, the application process and the follow-up steps can be found  here.

Intercultural Involvement

Are you interested in being involved with foreign students, helping them to get settled in Germany and at HFU? Getting involved helps you prepare for your exchange and internship semesters abroad and, while helping foreign students improve their foreign languages, you can also improve your own. More about the ways you can be part of a welcoming culture at HFU can be found here.

Research and Teaching

HFU lecturers have the opportunity to teach as a visiting lecturer at a foreign partner university. A period abroad can lend your research work valuable international perspectives either as part of an international research team or during dissertation work. Further information regarding financial support for research and teaching periods abroad can be found here.

Training and Job Shadowing

The ERASMUS+ Programme supports the professional development of university staff in the form of training events and job shadowing/observation periods/training abroad in Europe. The professional exchange with colleagues at a foreign partner university improves international networks and supports the exchange of ideas and experience. Further information regarding financial support for training periods abroad for university staff can be found here.