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A foreign country, new university, different language - as soon as foreign students start studying in Germany, they are faced with multiple challenges. They are grateful for the support of other students. We want to give HFU students the opportunity to become part of an international and world open university campus and to make friends with students from all corners of the globe.

Buddy Programme

Buddy Programme

Exchange students need your help!
Every semester foreign exchange students from our partner universities come to HFU. For each and every one of them we look for a buddy who can help them settle in in Germany. Most exchange students speak English or German but you can often practice Spanish, French and other languages with them, too.

All foreign students are happy to have more contact with their German fellow students. So become a buddy and help our international guests to find their way in their courses and in Germany. For example you can take your buddy home with you or with you to friends, show them your favourite café or take them with you to the next student party. Help them to discover Germany and feel at home here!

You can also get a certificate to confirm your involvement. Find out more in the Information flyer and in the Buddy Programme Application form.

International Student Community (ISC)

Meet people from around the world!
The ISC is a student organization which aims to bring cultures together to promote cultural exchange. The ISC works closely together with the International Center on the foreign student counselling programme.  The ISC is an official student club and as such is open to all the students in the university.

The activities of the ISC range from local excursions, film and games evenings to cooking, dance workshops, lectures and much, much more.

By becoming involved in the ISC, foreign exchange students and German students who want to take part in an exchange programme, play a key role in the university's internationalization policy.

Find out more about ISC activities on their Facebook pages:
ISC Furtwangen
ISC Schwenningen