Written Applications

The application for an internship abroad sometimes looks a little different from German applications. It is important to be aware of the application requirements of the country you are applying to. The following will give you tips as to where you can get the information you need:

  • Google online for information about how to apply in various countries or look for respective literature on the topic.
  • On FELIX you can find a lot of information and examples on how to write your application in English language
  • The so-called "Europass CV" is a standard format for a CV which is widely accepted in Europe. This can be completed online then downloaded. 

Further tips:
Write in your application that it is a mandatory internship and that you retain your student status. This is an important criterion for some companies.

Send your application by email (saves time and money). Nevertheless it should be addressed to a particular person if at all possible.

Interview/Telephone interview

Endless information about how to perform successfully in an interview can be found online or in books, but the key to a successful interview, whether it is in person or by telephone, is careful preparation.