Once your have found a placement, the following organisational procedures must be followed:

Re-enrollment should be carried out at our university as usual.

Notification of internship semester
The relevant form must be submitted to the Students Affairs Office (Studentische Abteilung)/Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt) or Academic Service Centre (Servicezentrum für Studium und Lehre) at latest by 1 March (summer semester) and 1 September (winter semester).

Visa/Work permit
Applies only to non-EU States. Further information can be found on the website of the country in question. For the USA and Canada there are various organizations which may be helpful, for example: Travelworks, College Council.

Internship contract
If the company wishes to have an internship contract with you, this should be carried out between the company and the intern, without any involvement of HFU. If the company nevertheless demands a signature from the university, please contact the internship coordinator of your degree programme or your faculty.

Medical insurance
Please check carefully whether, and on what conditions, your current medical insurance coverage is valid for an extended stay abroad.
Within the EU and some other countries a social insurance agreement guarantees identical coverage to holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card can be obtained free of charge from your health insurer. For more information on the EHIC please click here.
For all other countries, private international health insurance coverage must be obtained. More information about health insurance abroad (in German) can be found here.

Private Liability and Accident Insurance (Haftpflicht- und Unfallversicherung)
Further information can be found on our Insurance Information leaflet and on the website of Student Services (Studentenwerk Freiburg).

Certificate of mandatory internship
If you require confirmation that your internship is mandatory, please contact the personal responsible for your degree programme in the Examinations Office.

Language preparation
Please prepare yourself in plenty of time for the language requirements of your foreign internship and register at least one semester in advance for a language course at the HFU Language Center if necessary.

Current travel information
Current travel information for individual countries can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office.

Accreditation on your return

The internship coordinator of your degree programme is responsible for accreditation of your internship semester abroad. Please follow the instructions given by the faculty on their webpages and in FELIX!

Planning Checklist

Everything you need to be aware of to plan your internship semester abroad is in this checklist. For more details on the individual points, please check the webpages above.