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Studying abroad for one or two semesters is worth your while for lots of reasons! You gain valuable insights into other university systems and get a different perpective on your degree programme, you gain valuable international experience which will be useful in your later career, and you also improve your intercultural skills and foreign languages.

A period of time abroad is possible at any point in your academic career - whether you are doing your Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate. In order to enjoy your exchange semester to the fullest and make it a successful experience, you have to plan carefully and prepare yourself in plenty of time. Here you will find the most inportant information on planning your exchange semester abroad. If you have any other questions, drop by the International Center or come to one of our regular information sessions.

Background information

When can I do my exchange semester? Where can I study? What are the requirements? What do I have to know about the planning and organization? Answers to these questions and more, as well as testimonials from past students, can be found here.


Most exchange students spend their study semester abroad at one of our over 100 foreign partner universities. As an exchange student you profit from the simplified application and course accreditation procedure. Self-organised periods of time abroad as a free-mover at non-partner universities are also possible, but are more complex to plan and organize. Detailed information can be found here.

Financial Support

Exchange students at one of our partner universities normally pay no tuition fees or reduced tuition fees. Here you can find information regarding the various funding options available such as BAföG for study abroad, scholarships or study loans.


What are the application requirements? How do you apply for an exchange place? What do you have to be aware of when applying and what happens after you have applied? More information can be found here.

To Dos

Early planning and attention to the organizational steps are the key to a successful and enjoyable stay abroad. Find out here what you have to do before you leave, after you arrive abroad and what you have to do when you get back to HFU again.

Checklists & FAQ

Still got questions? Answers to frequently asked questions and a checklist for your exchange semester at an HFU partner university can be found here.