Our Partner Universities

Information on the exchange places offered by our partner universities to the various degree programmes can be found here. You can find more interesting information about our partner universities (testimonials, fact sheets) on FELIX.

Please be aware that, because agreements are constantly changing, the information given here cannot be guaranteed.

Information about the Application Process

The application process for a semester abroad at a partner university has two parts:

Part 1:  Application through HFU


  • Submit your application through the HFU Online Portal (A print out needs to be signed and submitted to the International Center!).
  • Following the application deadline, available exchange places will be distributed among applicants. This process happens in coordination with the relevant Faculty International Coordinators and Regional Coordinators.
  • If the number of applications received exceeds the number of exchange places available, admission decisions will be made based on academic qualification and student engagement (i.e. participation in the Buddy programme).
  • If you cannot be placed at your first choice university, you will automatically be considered for your second, then your third choice university if necessary. We will maintain close contact through this process.

Part 2: Application at the partner university

  • Once you have been selected for an exchange place abroad, you will be nominated at the partner university by the International Center.
  • You will then need to complete a second application directly through the partner university. The IC will contact you regarding the details of the application process at the partner university.
    Important information if applying for Non-EU countries: In many cases you have to submit a copy of your passport (or your passport number) along with the application. When applying for US American universities you must submit proof of financial means (bank statement) along with your application.

  • You will receive your acceptance letter directly from the partner university. 


The exchange semester checklist gives you an overview of the steps during the application process to an HFU partner university and during the study semester abroad. The checklist only gives an overview. For further details please check the website.

Application (Online portal) and Deadlines

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, the registration in the Online-Portal does sometimes not work with the HFU-Email-Address. If you do not receive a confirmation email after your registration, please register with your private Email-Address.

Applications for an exchange semester abroad at an HFU-partner university must be made via our online portal.

IMPORTANT CURRENT INFORMATION: Due to a technical problem the application-pdf (which you have to hand in signed at the Internatioanl Center) can sometimes not be created. If you have this problem, please send an email to Ms Guennel (guen(at)hs-furtwangen.de ) without delay. In this email please state the email address with which you have registered and the country you are applying for. Ms Guennel will then contact you on Monday to solve the problem.

For W- and IEB-students applying for China a seperate online application form is available in the above named online portal.

The application is only possible during the following period:

20 November - 20 January for the following winter semester

20 April - 20 June for the following summer semester

Please note:

  • You must print out your application form, sign it and submit it to the International Center.
  • Direct applications at HFU- partner universities are not possible.
  • Further faculty-specific instructions on faculty webpages must be followed.
  • Incomplete application documents will not be accepted.
  • Your application for an exchange place is binding. If you cancel your application without a valid reason (i.e. illness) after having been allocated an exchange place, your new application for another semester will be given second preference and you might only be offered leftover places at partner universities.
  • Please indicate a second and third preference as there is always only a limited number of exchange places available at each partner university.


Time period
Until the application deadline (WS: 20 Jan.; SS: 20 Jun.)Collation of all applications at IC. Normally no acknowledgement is sent but documents will be processed as long as applications are correctly submitted, i.e. are signed and submitted by the deadline, by email or in paper copy.

WS: After 20 January

SS: After 20 June

HFU internal selection procedure for the assignment of places at partner universities.

WS: Approx. March/April

SS: Approx. August/September

Nominations to the partner universities through the IC. You will receive an email from the IC when you have been nominated.

WS: Approx. April to June

SS: Approx. October to November

The IC awaits a response from the partner universities regarding further procedures. At this point you will receive an email from the IC explaining these. You should then apply directly to the university.

WS: Approx. April to July

SS: Approx. October to December

After you have applied to the partner university, you will receive the acceptance (Admission letter/Letter of Acceptance) either directly from the partner university or from the IC. If the letter is sent directly to you, please forward a copy to the IC.
Upon receipt of your acceptance from the partner universityPlease start to organize your stay abroad. All information required can be found below under "To Do before you leave"

Important information:

The application processes and deadlines at our partner universities can vary widely. Therefore the time periods mentioned above are only guidelines. For this reason fellow students may be nominated, have sent their application or may already have received their acceptance before you, but please do not worry, this is quite normal. In such a case, please do not contact the International Center to check on your application procedure. We will process all applications to the partner universities within the time limits given by the partner universities themselves and will forward their responses directly to you. 

Documents to be Uploaded

Exception: HFU Business School and IEB students applying for China do not have to upload any documents

  1. Passport photo

  2. CV in English*
    If you are taking a study programme at a partner university in Spanish, French or German, then please submit a CV n in the relevant language.

  3. Letter of Motivation in English*
    *If you are taking a study programme at a partner university in Spanish, French or German, then please submit a CV n in the relevant language.

  4. Transcript of Grades (from the Studiportal - complete and in German; please upload only a personally scanned document; transcripts which have been created automatically have security configurations which cannot be processed in the online form)

  5. DAAD certificate of language proficiency
    The DAAD certificate of language proficiency can be completed by the Language Center. 
    Further information can be found here.

    Please note: for application to universities in English-speaking countries, a minimum level of C1 is usually necessary in all categories.

    HFU Business School and IEB students will receive their language certificate in Spanish or French from the respective regional coordinator. DAAD forms for English are obtained from Morag Lehmann. In this case, please try to arrange with your fellow students to hand in all the forms to be signed together, avoiding multiple individual appointments.

  6. Learning Agreement
    The Learning Agreement must be signed by the International coordinator or dean of studies or the regional coordinator.

    a)  ERASMUS-partner universities:  ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement.
    b)  All other partner universities:  General Learning Agreement 

Submission of Paper Documents

At the end of the online application, a PDF will be produced which must be signed and submitted to the International Center on the appropriate campus before the deadline, either in paper form or as a scan (up to the page where your signature is necessary.)

International Coordinators & Regional Coordinators

A complete list of International Coordinators/Regional Coordinators can be found here.