The exchange semester checklist gives you an overview of the steps during the application process to an HFU partner university and during the study semester abroad. The checklist only gives an overview. For further details please check the Application to a Partner University and To Dos pages on this website.

When should I begin gathering information?

In most faculties the whole 6th semester is spent abroad, following approval from the Faculty Examination Committee.

It is best to begin the planning one to one and a half years before, i.e. at latest in the 3rd semester you should go to one of the information sessions run by the International Center.

How do I write a Letter of Motivation?

The Letter of Motivation should explain why you want to spend an exchange semester at that partner university and what you expect to gain from the experience.

The letter should not be written to any particular person as then it can be used for the application to the International Center as well as the partner university. The Letter of Motivation should be approximately one page long and written in English. Applications to guest universities in a French, Spanish or German-speaking country should be written in the language of that country.

Where do I begin with planning my exchange semester?

The first step is to look for information on the International Center webpages to to decide which country or which guest university you would like to visit. You will find valuable information about how to plan your exchange semester here.

After that you can read some of the HFU student testimonials on FELIX. These are written by students who have already spent an exchange semester at the partner universities abroad.

At the beginning of every semester, the International Center run information sessions. Dates and times are advertised before the event. You should also arrange an appointment with the international coordinator or regional coordinator in your faculty.

Where do I find out what lectures are held at the partner university?

Only a few links to the lectures can be found on FELIX. Therefore you will have to research yourself on the website of the relevant university.

Who should I talk to?

The International Center can answer general questions about your exchange semester, the application procedures and the funding options. Information regarding these points can be found on these webpages.

Before you apply, you should definately discuss your application with the international coordinator in your faculty and draw up a Learning Agreement together. In this way you can be sure that the courses passed abroad will be accredited at HFU.

The regional coordinators of the HFU Business School are the contacts for exchange semesters in particular areas of the world. More detailed information can be found here.

At what partner universities can I study in English?

Most partner universities offer courses in English. Exceptions are mainly in Spanish and French-speaking countries as well as some universities in China.

How many places are available at each university?

The number of places available at each partner university varies greatly and is generally renegotiated every year. Normally the number of places is based on the current balance of exchange places, i.e. the more exchange students from the partner unversities who come to HFU, the more tuition-free places we will receive there.

What is meant by nomination?

The International Center „nominates“ the selected applicants to the partner university. This means that the most important information such as name, email address, faculty, degree programme and birthdate is sent to the partner university. The partner universities normally only accept applications from "nominated" students. After the nomination you will be kept informed of further application procedures for the partner university. Freemovers can only directly apply to non-partner universities.

What language do the application documents have to be written in?

letters of Motivation and CVs should be written in English. Applications to guest universities in French, Spanish or German-speaking countries are exceptions to this rule, and applications should be written in the language of the country. Documents do not have to be in two languages, even if you intend to take courses in different languages at the guest university. If you do wish to take courses in different languages, you should provide a certificate of language proficiency which proves that you are able to follow instruction in that language.

Can I use the same application documents to apply for a scholarship?

Documents such as the CV and the language certificates can be attached as a copy to the application. The Letter of Motivation however should be customized to the application and explain why you are a suitable candidate for the scholarship.

Do I also have to submit application documents for my second choice?

No, at the time of application only the documents for your first choice have to be submitted. If you are unsuccessful with your first choice and you are accepted for your second choice, you will be informed by email of further steps and documentation required.

Do I have better chances if I submit several online applications?

No, definately not. If you send several online applications your chances of a place at a partner university will not be increased. Only one online application per student will be accepted.

Why do I have to submit similar application documents to the partner university, too?

The application process is basically in two parts. First you apply to HFU through the International Center for an exchange place and after that the application process continues through the partner university. Because every partner university requires different documents, you have to submit the specific documents required as part of the second step in the application process. At the first step in the process it is not clear whether all students can be nominated to a partner university. It may be that  exactly the same documents are required by the partner university. Always keep a copy or scan of all your documents then there should be no problems and it will make the further application to the partner university easier.

What is the correct way to apply for my 2nd and 3rd choices?

During the online application you can give up to 3 choices of university in order of priority, however, please only carry out one online application.

Submit the printed copy of the online application and all other documents required only for the 1st choice of university. We will inform you if we cannot give you a place at the university of your first choice and you must then submit the documents required for the 2nd or 3rd choice.

What do I have to do if I do not go ahead with the exchange semester?

The first thing to do is to inform the International Center so that further important steps can be taken (informing the partner university, student affairs office, etc.) You should also inform your international coordinator/regional coordinator and your Dean of Studies.

What do I have to do if I want to do 2 exchange semesters?

Please contact the Examinations Office.

If you are a Non-EU citizen, you must also contact the Aliens Office!