What is the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship for Students?

The Baden-Württemberg Scholarship seeks to advance international exchange and serves the Baden-Württemberg Trust's aim to promote a vibrant Baden-Württemberg with a high quality of life. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students at universities within Baden-Württemberg and to students from their partner universities abroad. 

Furtwangen University receives an annual scholarship budget from the Baden-Württemberg Trust for each academic year. The university decides who the funds will be awarded to in accordance with the regulations of the Baden-Württemberg Trust. 

Scholarships for incomings are only awarded through nomination of a partner university. 

Scholarships for outgoing students are made available throughout the university. Each faculty normally receives a fixed number of scholarships. Individual faculties can decide to award the scholarships available to them exclusively to incoming students. Similarly, the scholarships may primarily be made available for study places at selected universities, to support the faculty's internationalisation strategy. It is therefore advisable to consult the faculty’s international coordinator prior to application.

1. Who can apply?

Any student enrolled at Furtwangen University, regardless of nationality, who is planning an exchange semester abroad at one of the HFU's partner universities (outside the ERASMUS+ programme).

Students of the HFU Business School and the MME and MLS faculties cannot apply. These faculites are currently awarding the scholarships which they have available to incoming students from their partner universities, thus in turn ensuring tuition-free places at these partner universities for outgoing students.

2. What can be funded?

A study semester at a partner university abroad.

The funding period is normally four to five months.

The monthly funding is generally around €700 depending on the total budget awarded to the university.

3. How do I apply?

Download the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship application form here. The application, including all documents required (CV, Letter of Motivation, transcript of grades, proof of language proficiency and photo), must be submitted in duplicate (1 original and 1 copy) to the International Center by the given deadline.

Please note: incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application deadline is the 31 March for the following academic year (both summer and winter semester). 

4. What is the selection process carried out?

An internal HFU selection committee consisting of the Vice President for International Affairs, the Director of the International Center and the faculty international coordinators reviews all applications received.

Criteria for awarding the scholarships are:
a) academic qualifications and
b) individual suitability of an applicant

The most important criteria in the assessment are the academic grades and the description of the planned study abroad.

Detailed selection criteria:

  1. credits awarded up to this point and any additional specialist knowledge
  2. level of proficiency in language necessary for the proposed stay abroad
  3. level of readiness for study semester abroad - how well the study semester is integrated into the general progression of studies and how it relates to future career prospects
  4. general character and extracurricular activities relevant for a stay abroad

Following the assessment of applications, a ranking based on a point system is compiled in accordance with the available scholarships. If necessary, personal interviews will also be carried out.

The selection process can take up to 1 or 2 months.
Applicants who are selected by HFU will at first only receive a conditional acceptance, as this then has to be confirmed by the central scholarship commission of the state foundation.

The university aims to divide the scholarships which we have at our disposal as equally as possible between the individual HFU faculties. However, as there are only a limited number of scholarships, it is not possible to select applicants from all faculties.

Due to the complexity of the selection process and the necessity to ensure absolute confidentiality of decisions made by the selection committee, we ask for your understanding that individual applicants cannot receive an explanation for the committee's decisions.