Once the application process is finished there are still a few things to be aware of and to organize. Please read the following information carefully.

To do before you leave

Once a study place at a university abroad has been confirmed, the following organisational procedures must be followed:

Re-enrollment should be carried out at our university as usual.

Notification of exchange semester abroad
Please submit the Notification of Study Abroad Semester form together with a copy of the letter of acceptance from the host university to the International Center no later than 1 March (for summer semester abroad) or 1 September (for winter semester abroad). If you are spending 2 semesters abroad, for example for a double degree, please contact the Examinations Office directly. If you are taking a study leave, please contact the Examinations Office directly and do not submit a Notification of Study Abroad Sememster to the International Center.

ERASMUS Learning Agreement
Further information can be found here.

General Learning Agreement
Non-ERASMUS students have to fill out the Preliminary Learning Agreement and have it signed by the relevant International Coordinator. The learning agreement does not have to be submitted to the IC until you apply (by uploading the form in the application portal). If any changes are made to the agreement, these should be made in consultation with the international coordinator and the new agreement must be signed again. However the document does not have to be resubmitted to the International Center.

A visa is normally necessary for countries outside the EU. Further information can be found on the website of the embassy / consulate of the country in question. Standard requirements are the admission documents from the guest university and proof of financing for the stay (e.g. a sample bank statement). Please note that some countries also require vaccination documents or other medical records.

Please note, the university cannot help with visa applications and students are personally responsible for all visa arrangements.

Medical insurance
Please check carefully whether, and on what conditions, your current medical insurance coverage is valid for an extended stay abroad.
Within the EU and some other countries a social insurance agreement guarantees identical coverage to holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card can be obtained free of charge from your health insurer. For more information on the EHIC please click here.
For all other countries, private international health insurance coverage must be obtained. More information about health insurance abroad (in German) can be found here.

Private Liability and Accident Insurance (Haftpflicht- und Unfallversicherung)

For further information, please check the Student Services (Studentenwerk Freiburg) website as well as our own insurance information leaflet.

Travel Information
Current travel information (in German) for individual countries can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office. In case you knowingly decide to go to a country in which security might be an issue it is recommended to register in the "Krisenvorsorgeliste" (crisis precaution list) of the German Foreign Office (ELEFAND). In case of emergency in a European country dial the European Emergency Number 112.

Language courses
If you are not confident in using the working language of your guest university, it is a good idea to improve your language proficiency before you leave. Check for suitable language courses with our Language Center or other institutions (e.g. Volkshochschule or private language schools) or revise with materials from previous courses.

To do at the end of your semester abroad

Feedback report

If the semester abroad is at an HFU partner university, a feedback report must be submitted as a PDF file to the International Center no later than 4 weeks after the end of the semester abroad. It is a good idea to write this report before returning to Germany when impressions are still fresh. The report will be posted on the International Center pages of FELIX for the benefit of other students.  Instructions on how to write a feedback report can be found here. Please use this cover page for the report.

Please note the following exceptions to the above:

  • BWS scholarships: please use the cover page supplied on the online portal. The report must also be uploaded to the BWS World web portal.
  • ERASMUS scholarships:  please follow the ERASMUS application procedures.
  • HFU Business School: students of the HFU Business School should also use the standard cover page but please use this instruction sheet.

We are also happy to receive feedback reports from students who do their exchange semester abroad as a freemover. These will also be uploaded onto FELIX for the benefit of other students.

Certificate of Grades
If the semester abroad was at one of our partner universities, the certificate of grades from the partner university is normally sent directly to the International Center. Upon receipt, the original is sent to the Examinations Office (Pr├╝fungsamt) and a copy is sent to the respective faculty international coordinator. You will be informed by email when the certificate can be collected from the Examinations Office.  Please note, the original certificate cannot be collected from the International Center.

If the certificate is sent directly to you (this is always the case for freemovers), please hand in the original to the International Center. If you cannot submit it personally, the original copy can also be sent by post. A copy of the certificate will then be sent to the Examinations Office and to the international coordinator.

Any queries regarding accreditation of grades should be made directly with the relevant international coordinator in each faculty. The grades are calculated at HFU using this table.