Prof. Durga Misra, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA
Visiting Professor, Summer semester 2016

"HFU has excellent students, faculty and facility to get involved in research work. The scenic view and friendly people of Furtwangen give a unique environment to excel in academic and social activities."

Prof. Durga Misra carried out research in the following areas:

  • Nanoelectronics
  • Device Physics
  • VLSI Design
  • Nanotechnology
  • CMOS Processing
  • Entrepreneur’s Innovation 

 Prof. Misra was also involved in the following projects:

  • student-project smart system for COSIMA contest
  • tutorials related to nanoscale CMOS devices and their reliability and integration challenges of nanoscale CMOS with nanotechnology
  • seminars on "How to be Innovative in a Start-up: The US Perspective", "How to Move Forward as a Researcher and Innovate" and "Life of exchange students in the United States, in general and at NJIT, in particular"

Prof. Lawrence Hale, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada
Guest lecturer, Summer semester, 2016

In summer semester 2016 Prof. Lawrence Hale lectured on the following subject at HFU:

Population, Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics: A Primer
Genetics plays a central role in organic evolution. Population genetics and evolutionary genetics are disciplines within which microevolution and macroevolution are studied, respectively. More recently, conservation genetics explores the genetical "health" and challenges of species/populations at risk, and is a key component of practice in conservation  biology. These disciplines rest on a largely common theoretical framework, and it is the goal of this course to introduce students to both the practice and interplay of/between them. Considerable time will be given over to problem solving, computer simulations and case studies.

Dr. Aladdin Ayesh, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Guest lecturer, summer semester, 2016

In summer semester 2016, Herr Dr. Aladdin Ayesh lectured on the following subject at HFU:

“Knowledge Management and Robotics”

The current vision of future technological advancements has identified 4 strands of challenges and development. These are: Cognitive Systems, Internet of Things, Big Data and Games.  One may argue that these four has three common backbones data, mobility and automation.  The rapid development in mobile networks infrastructure, protocols and technologies, has led to a flux of data generation. This growth in data meant that the requirements of data storage, management, and retrieval have become more demanding leading to such developments as seen in cloud computing and business intelligence, to give examples.

The lecture of Dr. Aladdin Ayesh looked at these four strands of challenges with particular focus on knowledge management from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) perspective. Knowledge representation has been a primary theme in AI since its founding. To relate theory to practical applications, the course uses robotics, which interjects mobility and automation issues in the coverage of knowledge management.

Dr. Veijo Väisänen, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland Guest lecturer, summer semester, 2016

In summer semester, 2016 Dr. Veijo Väisänen lectured on the following subject at HFU:

“User Interface Design Workshop”

Veijo Väisänen teaches Internet programming, Internet Services, User Interface Design, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Design. Previous to his University career, he hold senior manager positions at Nokia Oyj, e.g. responsible for the new Kista (Stockholm, Sweden) GSM test laboratory and test network, as well as supervisor's tasks include in particular the responsibility of the GSM / WCDMA base station and radio network competency development . This included the participation in the planning of new product development projects.

User Interface Design and Engineering has been pioneered in Scandinavia, with prominent scientists such as Jakob Nielsen in cooperation with Stanford Professor Don Norman (Nielsen Norman Group). Usability always plays a central role in the adoption of new technologies, e.g. within mobile systems. The workshop draws on key principles of User Interface Design and Engineering, including User Interface Principles and Design Patterns, UX Storytelling and Narratives, the creation of UI Wireframes, the creation of UI prototypes and mockups, and the UI design process and UI design model examples.

Dr. Terhi Holappa, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Guest lecturer, summer semester, 2016

In summer semester, 2016 Dr. Terhi Holappa lectured on the following subject at HFU:

“eHealth Technologies”

Terhi Holappa brings in a combined competence from IT and Life Science into the future of eHealth infrastructures and innovation adoption. She closely collaborates with technology companies in the eHealth field in Finland, as well as with regulatory institutions. For her lecture with the focus on Mobility and Innovation, she brings in her distinct academic and industrial experience from the following areas:

  1. human factors: driving motivation, problem statement, engagement, usability, etc.
  2. technology factors: ICT, practicability, privacy, etc.
  3. Medical factors: responsibility, accountability, evidence-based benefits, best practices, etc.
  4. SW ecosystem: partners involved, regulations, end-to-end solutions, platforms, etc.

Yao Zhao, College of Information Engineering, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China
Visiting student, winter semester, 2015/16

In winter semester 2015/16 Ms Yao Zhao was involved in the following:

  • Research projects in the HFU Computing Center in the areas of:

    • Cloud Computing
    • Internet of Things
    • Mobile Systems

  • English taught lecturers as part of International Semester programme at Furtwangen Campus

Prof. Terry Schumacher, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute/USA
Visiting professor, summer semester 2015

In summer semester, 2015 Professor Terry Schumacher lectured the following subjects:       

  • Innovation Management and Forecasting
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Marketing in New Product Development
  • Leadership & Organizational Culture
  • Project Management
  • 2 project courses in the area of International Management

The teaching engagement at HFU was not the first teaching post abroad for Prof. Schumacher. He regularly teaches in other European countries including France, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.   Prof. Schumachers guest professorship at HFU was partly funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) funds.

Prof. James Jaurez, National University, San Diego, USA
Guest lecturer, winter semester, 2015/16

In winter semester 2015/16 Prof. James Jaurez lectured on the following subject:

“User Experience Computing (UX Computing)”

James Jaurez lectures in Computer Science, Educational and Instructional Technology, and Digital Media Design programs, which has lead him to pioneer a fusion of the education and computing technology disciplines. Besides User Experience (UX) Computing, his applicable research interests are in Robotics and Mobile Systems, and it´s educational potential for the Maker Movement. “The Maker Faire San Diego is giving our students an opportunity to work on hands-on projects with fellow engineers and show their passion for technology. It’s been a very engaging and motivating experience,” James Jaurez stated at the San Diego Maker event. With respect to his lecture, UX Computing concerns the whole Cyber-Physical Environment of the User System Interaction. James Jaurez teaches on UX Computing the benefits of personas and use cases in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) design along with techniques and tools for mock-ups and low fidelity prototypes for ideation and conceptualization.

Prof. Mariuz Dramski, Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland
Guest lecturer, winter semester, 2015/16

In winter semester, 2015/16 Prof. Mariuz Dramski lectured on the following subject:

Information Technology and mobility and logistics are closely interconnected. Mariuz Dramski is lecturing and researching at the Maritime University of Szczecin, whose mission is “to educate maritime staff i.e. navigators and mechanics answering the needs of contemporary transport and fishing fleet as well as offshore staff prepared to implement computer software and systems for supporting transfer of information in the transport-forwarding-logistics industry“. Mariuz Dramski´s lecture covers the ASP.Net Framework, including an introduction in building an ASP.NET webpage,  ASP.NET controls,  databases with ASP.NET, and chosing ASP.NET funcionalities incl. validating user input, navigation, personalizing websites, and user controls.