Karte Furtwangen Schwenningen Tuttlingen

HFU is the perfect place for both learning and living. Students benefit from small study groups, close personal contact with teaching staff and outstanding support services. What's more, modern laboratories, a high-tech IT infrastructure and one of the best university libraries in Germany are among the excellent facilities available to all HFU students. The ideal study conditions create an all-round enjoyable and effective learning experience bringing excellent results.

Our Campuses

Located high up in the beautiful countryside of the Black Forest, HFU is the highest university in German, and rankings from our students and companies also place us high up in German university league tables in many areas. With 9 faculties on 3 campuses, in FurtwangenSchwenningen and Tuttlingen, Furtwangen University offers a wide range of academic programmes.

Excursions & Events

There are lots of other things to do while you are studying with us! Every semester we offer a full range of excursions to German cities and other places of interest which will make your stay with us really special. Click here to find out more about our excursion and events programme.

Social Programme

Visit a German guest family,  improve your German, English or another language with another student or get your own HFU buddy to show you around and help you settle in. We offer a range of programmes to help our foreign students get used to studying with us and living in Germany. Find out more about our social programme here.

Daily Life

Here you can find useful information regarding everyday German customs, shopping, German food and drink, public transport and much more.