Statutory or Private Medical Insurance?

You have the choice between statutory and private medical insurance. If you are under 30 years old and do not have a European medical insurance card (EHIC), the normal choice is the statutory medical insurance in Germany.

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) Medical Insurance Company - (HFU Partner - Statutory Insurance)

Contact: Mr Tobias Hauser
Email: tobias.hauser(at)

During the orientation programme the Techniker Krankenkasse medical insurance company will talk about the services they have to offer and can give personal consultations.

AOK Medical Insurance Company (Statutory Insurance)

Information for foreign students

General information about the German statutory medical insurance system can be found here.

Private medical insurance
Private medical insurance from your home country can only be accepted if it offers adequate coverage for the entire duration of your study in Germany. You can apply to have this insurance recognized by a German statutory health insurance company. If your health insurance meets the coverage requirements you will receive an exemption letter which is required for enrolment.

Please note: for the remainder of your study period, it is then no longer possible to change to one of the statutory medical insurance companies.

Are you from an EU or Non-EU state?

Students from EU states
Students who have a European medical insurance card (EHIC), simply show this when they enroll.

Students from non-EU states
If you do not have a European medical insurance card, you will have to become insured over one of the German statutory medical insurance companies.

Students under the age of 30 are entitled to a discounted student rate of approximately €80.00/mth with one of the statutory German medical insurance companies such as the TK and the AOK. (see above for details)

Do you need proof of Medical Insurance for your Visa Application?

It is possible to apply for German medical insurance before you arrive in Germany. Simply contact one of the insurance companies listed above. They will send a confirmation as proof of German medical insurance coverage which can then be used to apply for the student visa.

Are you a Scholarship Holder (e.g. DAAD)?

If you are on a scholarship you are likely to have accident and liability insurance for the duration of your stay in Germany through a group insurance policy. This will be stated in your scholarship documents. Please bring the relevant proof of coverage with you when you enroll. Further information can be found here.

Are you a Mature Student (over 30)?

Mature students over the age of 30 are generally no longer able to take advantage of the discounted rates offered by the statutory medical insurance companies and have to take out private insurance. It is worthwhile comparing the rates of different insurance companies. The following insurance companies offer special student rates:

Care Concept Tarif (Care College Plus normal or inclusive accident insurance and liability)

Hanse Merkur

Insurance for the period between arrival in Germany and semester begin

We urgently recommend that you take out private insurance (e.g. travel insurance) for this period of time.

Insurance companies such as the ADAC or the Würzburger Versicherungs-AG, as well as various private medical insurance companies offer such policies.

Further Information

Further information on medical insurance in Germany can be found on the following websites: