HFU excels in ZEIT University League Tables

HFU Student satisfaction at highest level

In the latest ZEIT University Performance Tables issued on 9 May, 2017, Furtwangen University has once again been awarded excellent grades. All three HFU faculties evaluated in the current rankings - the HFU Business School, the Faculty of Business Information Systems and the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering - cemented their position in the elite group in the German-speaking region with their "green" points. "Green" is the highest ranking, followed by yellow and then blue. The performance tables are compiled by the Centre for University Development (CHE) from the results of the thousands of questionnaires sent out to students and professors. And what makes us very proud, is that this time round our faculties did even better in some of the performance indicator categories, than in the last rankings three years ago.

The degree programmes we offer at the HFU Business School on the Schwenningen campus were highly recommended by the participants of the survey, so we can rightly claim to be one of the best Business Schools at a university of applied sciences in Germany. Student satisfaction with HFU business courses is extremely high, with top grades awarded across the board - from the courses and exchange semesters offered, to workplace relevance, and academic support available. Resources such as IT facilities, lecture rooms and the library were also rated highly by the students. All of the business courses offered at the HFU Business School are taught either partially or completely in English.

The Faculty of Business Information Systems also performed well. Students rated the all-round study experience, as well as the academic support and relevance to practice and the workplace, as outstanding. The faculty is regarded as one of the best in the country. The Business Consulting Masters programme is taught in English.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering boasts the best results of all. In the ZEIT study guide it was given "green" grades across the board - making it one of the top four in the whole of Germany. Student assessments of the all-round study experience, academic support, courses offered, teaching, international orientation and workplace orientation, were all top notch.

"We are delighted with these excellent results," said Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer, the President of the university. "We are especially happy that all three of our faculties which were ranked this time round, made it into the top group. And there's no shortage of competition! This year's excellent results underline our commitment to offering study programmes customized to the demands of the working world."

Further information
The CHE university ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking region. More than 300 universities and universities of applied science are surveyed. Besides looking at performance indicators related to study programmes, teaching, resources and research, the ranking also includes evaluations by students on the all-round study experience at their university. Every year a third of the courses are newly evaluated - in 2017 those were: business; law; social work; economics; business information systems; business administration and engineering; business law and business sciences. Of these, Furtwangen University offers business on the Schwenningen Campus, and Business Information Systems and Business Administration and Engineering on the Furtwangen Campus.