Demo for democracy in Furtwangen

What's going on at the moment in Europe? Brexit and increasing nationalism have dominated the news in the last few months. Is the dream of a united Europe over? Or is there a large, silent majority which still says, "Europe cannot be allowed to fail"? To wave the flag for Europe, a "Furtwangen zeigt Flagge" (Furtwangen shows it's true colours) demonstration will take place on Wednesday 31 May, 2017 at 4.30pm in a tent on the marketplace in Furtwangen. The demonstration is being organized by the Student Parliament of Furtwangen University and supported by a number of local activists. They are hoping their call to action will produce a big turnout.

The students have contacted the public activist group, "Pulse of Europe" which is responsible for initiating the growing number of Sunday demonstrations both in Germany and abroad, and one of their speakers has been invited to speak at the demo. "The European pulse must be felt again" is the aim of "Pulse of Europe" and that's exactly how the Furtwangen demonstrators feel, too.

Besides appeals to support peace in Europe, the event on the Furtwangen marketplace will also feature music from a university choir and a band. The organizers claim, "Peace is at risk - and we are responsible!" and call on everyone to take part. "We are not against something, we're for something. It's time to stand up for the cornerstones of our free democratic principles."

Contact person:
Lukas Scheuerle, Chairman of the Furtwangen University Student Union in Furtwangen, Robert-Gerwig-Platz 1, Tel. 07723 920-2302.