HFU certificate for local school pupils

f.l.t.r: Nicolai Ohnmacht, Annika Kienzler and Simon Haves with Dr. Safi Baborie Photo: Stephanie Wetzig

Can school pupils go to university lectures? Yes, they can, through a special series of lectures organized for schools by the Electrical Engineering programme at Furtwangen University (HFU). Experts from HFU and industry give lectures every week on current topics related to their research and work, giving a good insight into their working world. Topics range from development methods in the automobile industry, to electronic assistance for the blind and self-driving electric vehicles. The lecture series is aimed at university students, but school pupils from the 9th class on can also attend the lectures. At the end of the semester the participants have to give a presentation on one of the topics dealt with. If they attend the lectures regularly and complete all the requirements, the pupils are awarded with an HFU certificate which will be recognized by the university if they decide to study at HFU after finishing school.

Three pupils from the Zinzendorf Schools in Königsfeld, Nicolai Ohnmacht, Annika Kienzler and Simon Haves, took part in this year's lecture series and at the end of the school year were awarded their certificates by Dr. Safi Baborie, the programme coordinator. What they found especially interesting was the broad spectrum of the lectures offered and that they were about everyday things, explained in a straightforward way.

"It's worth it for the pupils to get out of their normal school life to experience what it's like to be at university without any pressure," said Dr. Baborie. "They can learn about new things in a fun way without having to worry about exams."

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The lecture series (Ringvorlesung) in the winter semester 2017 and takes place every Monday evening from 5.15 - 6.45pm on the Furtwangen Campus of HFU. No special qualifications are required. Those who are interested in attending should contact Dr. Safi Baborie by email at: bab(at)hs-furtwangen.de.