Awards Ceremony at HFU

HFU Teaching Prize for Prof. Dr. Andreas gollwitzer received from HFU President, Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer

EGT Prize for Remi Mabon, received from Managing Director Erik Hugel

Lars Saemann (left) and Daniel Hepperle receive the Aesculap Prize from Dr. Katrin Sternberg.

DAAD Prize for Aurelie Njiki Sileu, received from Brigitte Minderlein

Fabian Kraft, Marius Kleinbach, Rebecca Lennartz and Martin Strohm receive awards for best foundation level results from Dr. Hans-Henning Winkler (from left)

Sparkassen Director Tobias Hugger awards Andreas Pütz, Vasilij Strassheim and Markus Eggert for the best project work undertaken in 2016/2017 (from left).

On 4 October, 2017 HFU not only welcomed all its new students to the university, it also took the opportunity to present awards for outstanding performance by both teachers and students. These were: in Furtwangen the Schoen'sche Innovation Prize from EGT and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Prize; in Schwenningen the Aesculap prize; and in Tuttlingen the HFU Teaching Prize, and prizes from the Dr. Winkler Scholarship and the Sparkasse.

HFU Teaching Prize
Every year students are asked to put forward the names of lecturers whose teaching they feel is especially good, for the HFU Teaching Prize. From the 60 courses nominated by the students, a jury selected "Digital electronics and microprocessor technology" by Professor Dr. Andreas Gollwitzer who received the award and the €1000 prizemoney on the Tuttlingen Campus. He has been a professor of Electrical Engineering and Electronics on the campus since its foundation in 2009.

Students nominated Professor Gollwitzer because of the high quality of his teaching and teaching materials, which include video tutorials and an online self-test. Prof. Gollwitzer is very supportive to all his students and is available at any time for any questions they may have. Since 2014, Professor Gollwitzer has been the Vice-dean of Academics of the Faculty of Industrial Technologies and Dean of Studies of the "Mechatronic Systems" master's programme. The prize is awarded by the HFU Information and Media Centre. In 2013, Professor Gollwitzer received the HFU E-Teaching Award for his "Electrical Engineering 2" course. The E-Teaching award, the predecessor to the HFU Teaching Prize, recognized particularly good integration of electronic media in teaching. Professor Gollwitzer is the first to receive both prizes.

Student Awards
Schoen'schen Innovation Prize from EGT

The Schoen'schen Innovation Prize from EGT was awarded this semester to Remi Mabon. Erik Hugel from EGT presented the award and the €1500 prize money. Remi Mabon's thesis is entitled "Prediction of the Energy Consumption of individual Households using Big Data Architectures". It was supervised by Prof. Dr. Lothar Piepmeyer of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The Aesculap Prize
The Aesculap Prize was awarded to Lars Saemann and Daniel Hepperle. Lars Saemann, a graduate of Molecular and Technical Medicine, received the award for his thesis entitled "Monitoring of the cutaneous Microcirculation in Operations with Cardiopulmonary Bypass", supervised by Prof. Dr. Folker Wenzel. Daniel Hepperle, a graduate of Interactive Media Design, received the award for his thesis entitled "Can you feel what you see? Multimodal Awareness in Virtual Reality". The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Wölfel. The prize was awarded by Dr. Katrin Sternberg.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Prize
The DAAD Prize was awarded to Aurelie Njiki Sileu from Cameroon who is currently taking a degree in Electrical Engineering. She received the prizemoney of €1000 from Brigitte Minderlein, Director of the HFU International Center. Besides being an excellent student, Aurelie Njiki Sileu is always prepared to support her fellow students. She is also a member of the African Student Association and the Catholic Congregation on campus where she is deeply involved in intercultural exchange. Together with other African students, she organized an Africa Evening and supported the Missio-Truck during a refugee information campaign.

Dr. Winkler Scholarship
Four students received the Dr. Winkler Scholarship which supports young talent. The Bachelor students with the best foundation level grades were:

  • Marius Kleinbach (Industrial Automation and Mechatronics) (Ave. grade 1.55) - €500
  • Rebecca Lennartz (Industrial MedTec) - €250
  • Fabian Kraft (Industrial Manufacturing) - €250
  • Martin Strohm (Industrial Materials Engineering) - €250

Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen Prize
Three engineering students also received a prize from the Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen for the best project work in 2016/2017. Director Tobias Hugger and Deputy Member of the Board of the Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen, awarded Andreas Pütz, Markus Eggert, Vasilij Strassheim (all Industrial Automation and Mechatronics) and Florian van Lengen (Industrial Manufacturing) with €250 each. The students carried out the projects over the space of 2 semesters in cooperation with companies or institutions. The work was evaluated by a jury of professors from the Faculty of Industrial Technologies.