New Innovation and Research Centre on schedule

Roofing ceremony at IFC: Regional counsellor Stefan Bär, Justice and European Minister Guido Wolf, Under Secretary of State Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch, Mayor Michael Beck, Departmental Head Karin Kohler, HFU Vice President Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder.

Site foreman Franz Stadelmaier

The new Innovation and Research Centre of Furtwangen University (IFC - Innovations- und Forschungs-Centrum) in Tuttlingen will open on 1 July, 2018. The occupancy plan is ready, the focus of the research decided and the building project is on schedule. The roofing ceremony took place on 27 October, 2017.
In the future, professors, PhD students and academic staff will carry out research in cooperation with industry in the 2,650m², 5 storey building. Seventy-five percent of the total area will be used for applied research. The rest will be divided between start-ups and the cluster organizations Medical Mountains and Technology Mountains. In total, 65 people will work in the red-brick IFC building. Scientists, companies and start-ups will have access to the research and development facilities of HFU. "Furtwangen University is proud to be able to realize such a visionary project, together with the state, the EU, and Tuttlingen town and region, as well as the Tuttlingen Campus Development Association. It shows how much academic work is valued and is proof of the trust put in HFU. This is going to give research at our university a further boost," explained university President, Professor Dr. Rolf Schofer.
The IFC promotes  technology and knowledge transfer between university and companies acting as the interface between academia and business. "Companies in this area are incredibly robust, offering exceptional products and services. Networking with academics creates completely new opportunities, which in turn leads to successful innovation," said Professor Dr. Martin Heine, Dean of the Tuttlingen Faculty of Industrial Technologies, who will head up the Lab for "Electromagnetic compatibility" at IFC.
Room plan and lab facilities – advances by cooperation
The Institute for Precision Machining (Kompetenzzentrum für Spanende Fertigung - KSF), which until now has been based in Schwenningen, will be housed in the new building. In the 625m² KSF area (Level 0), there will be 14 tool machines for commissioned research and joint projects with industry. The professors from the university campus in Tuttlingen will also carry out research at IFC. They will concentrate on the fields of surface technology, additive manufacturing, electrochemicals, electromagnetic compatibility, physical measurement technology, flow simulation and medical technology (Levels 1 and 2). The Institute for Materials and Application Technology Tuttlingen (IWAT) will also work out of IFC. In the display area the HFU Digital Media department will show what  virtual and augmented reality can do (Level 0).
CoHMed management located in Tuttlingen
The decision to locate the management of the innovation and transfer partnership CoHMed (Connected Health in Medical Mountains) at IFC means that it will be at the centre of medical engineering development. The research and projects that CoHMed works on deal with the miniaturization, digitalization and biologicalization of medical engineering applications.
The CoHMed partnership consists of  numerous companies in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region, the companies in the Tuttlingen Campus Development Association, and the cluster initiatives Technology Mountains and Medical Mountains. "With CoHMed and the IFC in Tuttlingen we now have two more important components in improving technology transfer in the region," explained HFU Vice-president and Head of the Institute for Applied Research, Professor Dr. Ulrich Mescheder.
IFC aims to strengthen entrepreneurship
Besides research projects, HFU also wants to promote and support entrepreneurialism at the IFC. On the one hand students have access to the know-how, infrastructure and rooms of the IFC. On the other hand start-ups will be able to use office and lab facilities at reasonable rates, and can take advantage of the opportunities to network with professors and doctoral candidates.
Project ideas or cooperation enquiries
Companies, partners or entrepreneurs should send project or cooperation enquiries to:

Gerhard Hautmann
Innovation Manager
Tel: +49 (0)7461 1502-6710
Email: gerhard.hautmann(at)