HFU Vice-President election

From l to r: Prof. Dr. Michael Lederer, Prof. Robert Schäflein-Armbruster, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder

The three new vice-presidents of Furtwangen University have now been elected: Professor Dr. Michael Lederer, Professor Dr. Ulrich Mescheder and Professor Robert Schäflein-Armbruster will take office on 1 July, 2018. Prof. Mescheder and Prof. Lederer were re-elected for the positions by the Senate of Furtwangen University, while Prof. Schäflein-Armbruster will replace Professor Dr. Edgar Jäger, who is standing down from the position.

The vice-presidents are second in charge after the rector and are elected by the senate upon the recommendation of the rector. Each have their own area of responsibility and their period of office is 3 years. Professor Dr. Ulrich Mescheder has been Vice-president Research, Development and Transfer since 2006. Furtwangen University is extremely research-oriented. A new Innovation and Research Centre is currently being built at the Tuttlingen Campus. Professor Dr. Michael Lederer has been VP International and Continuing Education since 2009. The university has a strong internationalization strategy as demonstrated by partnerships with approximately 140 universities around the world and the very active exchange of students and teaching staff.

Professor Dr. Edgar Jäger ends his third period in office as Vice-President Academics, Quality Management and Alumni on 30 June, 2018. Rector Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer thanked Prof. Jäger for his efforts particularly in the area of quality. He was responsible for the successful introduction of system accreditation for the whole university. Furtwangen University is only the second university of its kind in the whole of Germany to be system accredited. His successor is Professor Robert Schäflein-Armbruster who has been a professor at HFU since 1997, and since 2010, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering. Professor Schäflein-Armbruster studied at the University of Tübingen, was later managing director of a technical documentation consulting firm, developed the "Function Design" structuring and standardization method, and also performs research in this area. He is the founder and head of the Usability Competence Centre on the Furtwangen Campus.