Microsoft HoloLens project wins first prize

Photo HFU: from left to right: Leonhard Lerbs, Heiko Moser, Robin Reiner, Manuel Reinacher, Michael Heller, M&M St. Georgen

The Microsoft HoloLens project has been voted best semester project in the Faculty of Computer Science and awarded both a certificate and prizemoney to the value of €500 donated by M&M Software in St. Georgen, a long-term industry partner of the Faculty.

Microsoft HoloLens are mixed-reality glasses, which allow the user to create 3D projections in their direct vicinity. During the winter semester 17/18, the winning team developed various use cases within the Smart Home Lab, e.g. the control of intelligent devices using Microsoft HoloLens. During the presentation visitors could try out for themselves how the colour of a lamp changed with a finger click on the hologram display or how a virtual 3D miniature model of the Smart Home Lab could be rotated or moved by means of a spoken commands.  The "Spatial Understanding" technology makes it possible for the HoloLens to see and recognize objects in the room. The visitors had a lot of fun using the glasses to drive a virtual car round a virtual surface on the floor of the lab.

The Faculty of Computer Science has two Microsoft HoloLens and this innovative technology will also be used in the future in the computer science curriculum. The project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hollunder.