Germany Scholarships Awarded

Representatives from the sponsoring companies and Germany Scholarship holders

Furtwangen University has awarded 12 scholarships in winter semester 2017/18 under the "Germany Scholarships (Deutschlandstipendium)" national scholarship programme. The Germany Scholarship, which was initiated and is sponsored by the federal government, supports exceptionally gifted students. Scholarship holders receive financial support in the amount of €300 per month for a period of one year, half of which is provided by the government and half by private sponsors gained by the University.

The sponsoring firms this semester are Marquardt (2 scholarships), the International Business Alumni Association (2 scholarships), VEGA, Continental Automotive, B.A.D. Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik, Wieland-Werke, ebm Papst, Laborärzte Singen, the Furtwangen University Development Association and Dirk Schallock.

Because the Germany Scholarship is intended for exceptionally gifted students, the requirements are very high: an average grade of 1.3 or higher from high school or from the courses taken so far at HFU. Volunteer work, achievements and awards and special personal circumstances are also taken into consideration.

From the 62 applicants, the following students have been selected this semester:

  • Markus Brütsch (International Business, Bachelor)
  • Florian Gaedtke (Security & Saftety Engineering, Bachelor)
  • Sonja Gscheidle (Applied Health Sciences, Bachelor)
  • Julia Hickler (Medical Engineering, Bachelor)
  • Lina Klinge (Applied Materials Sciences, Master)
  • Florian Kordon (Computer Science in Media, Master)
  • Jennifer Schieber (Molecular and Technical Medicine, Bachelor)
  • Micha Schnierer (International Business, Bachelor)
  • Marius Stuber (Computer Science, Bachelor)
  • Daniel Unruh (Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Bachelor)
  • Andreas Völker (Electrical Engineering, Bachelor)
  • Anna Vogler (Medical Engineering, Bachelor)

At the awards ceremony on the Schwenningen Campus Vice President Prof. Dr. Edgar Jäger praised the impressive CVs of the young scholarship holders. "They are role models as outstanding students," said Prof. Jäger. He also thanked the sponsors for their support, without which the award of the scholarships would not be possible.