HFU Student wins Olympic Bronze

Photo: Olympic Centre Freiburg-Schwarzwald

HFU student, Benedikt Doll has won the bronze medal in the biathlon at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. This was the fourth medal in four competitions for the German biathletes.

Benedikt Doll, who is studying Business Administration and Engineering - Marketing and Sales in Furtwangen, takes advantage of a special study model for elite athletes at Furtwangen University. This system allows competitive sportsmen and women to continue to train and compete at top levels while taking a degree. Planning a dual career is very important for the time when the sporting career comes to an end. Biathlete Benedikt Doll says:"I am so happy that I can go all out in my sport in winter and have the chance to take more time to complete my degree. Others can only take 2 semesters off. I can have as many as I need."

Furtwangen Model
HFU recognized this problem early on and decided to help athletes to do both. An agreement with the Freiburg-Schwarzwald Olympic Support Centre was signed back in 2006 and the special regulations are set down in the Study and Examination Regulations. These allow the athletes to withdraw from an exam several times and to extend the length of the study period. A bachelor degree can be extended up to 16 semesters - the normal length is 7 semesters - and if exams and competition dates coincide, the exams can be postponed. Students also receive assistance in finding accommodation.

Prof. Robert Schäflein-Armbruster, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering, Elite Sports Coordinator, sar(at)hs-furtwangen.de
Jürgen Willrett, Careers Advisor at the Freiburg-Schwarzwald Olympic Support Centre, juergen.willrett(at)osp-freiburg.de