What is the HFU Graduate School?

The HFU Graduate School was set up as a central academic body at the university in response to the large number of doctorates being taken at HFU.

The HFU Graduate School is an interdisciplinary central coordinating body for all HFU doctoral undertakings, working together with both students and professors.

The Graduate School was set up to provide outstanding students with the opportunity to be part of a doctoral support programme, equipping them for future careers in academia or the business world. To do so, interdisciplinary academic and work-related key skills are taught, ensuring that our doctoral candidates are qualified above and beyond their specialized knowledge, are better able to implement their academic insights, and are better-prepared to assume key roles in future positions in research, teaching or business.

Another key objective is to set and enhance standards in the selection and supervision of doctoral candidates.

What are our objectives?

  • provide advice to those interested in doing a doctorate degree
  • organize qualification measures during the doctoral work
  • provide financial advice and support (scholarship advice, funding)
  • encourage scientific and personal exchange between doctoral candidates and young scientists
  • ensure quality standards of HFU doctoral work
  • establish procedures for, and review of, doctoral progress

How can I join the Graduate School?

All doctoral candidates who are being given academic supervision by an HFU professor can become members of the Graduate School. To do so, PhD candidates should submit a Membership application to Iris Steidle, the Graduate School coordinator. Please also submit the following:

  • a signed copy of the Supervision agreement (between PhD candidate and HFU professor) incl. a time and work schedule
  • Master's or Diplom certificate (Min. grade 2.0)

The Academic Board reserve the right to make the final decision in exceptional cases.

Further details can be found in the Graduate School Statutes.

Academic Board

Academic Director

Prof. Dr. Mohsen Rezagholi

+49 (0)7723 920 2325

Representative of the university Board of Executives/Vice President of Research

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder

Representative of Institute for Applied Research

Prof. Dr. Knut Möller

Representatives of supervising professors

Prof. Dr. Martin Knahl,

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich

Research coordinator of Institute for Applied Research

Dr. Manuela Philipp

Doctorates‘ representative (consulting)

Fabian Berner MSc