HFU Akademie

HFU Akademie – Who We Are

An entire university’s competence and experience is at your fingertips: we offer seminars, workshops, executive training and blended-learning options. We support you in making your educational ideas and plans become reality.
HFU Akademie is a central service department of Furtwangen University, its goals are co-ordinating the scientific further education opportunities within the university as well as offering academic training programs on the market. Thus HFU Akademie is subject to the highest standards of quality as applicable to an academic organisation. Since its foundation in 2010, HFU Akademie continues the online course program of the “tele-akademie” which had been operating since 1995 – and has added numerous additional further education programs and options.
In addition to the high-quality portfolio of seminars, HFU Akademie is also a most competent service provider within the further education sector. Due to our long-standing e-learning expertise, we are also pioneering the application of new multi- and tele-medial learning technologies. HFU Akademie views itself as a Learning Service Provider (LSP). This means that HFU Akademie offers its cooperation partners and customers a wide variety of services in the further education sector.
German law (the so-called Hochschulrahmengesetz) requires all German universities to get involved in the further education sector in addition to offering traditional undergraduate study programs. HFU Akademie satisfies this requirement for Furtwangen University and also supports other cooperating universities in meeting this requirement.

HFU Akademie – Our Target Groups

HFU Akademie offers further education programs for 

  • Staff and management
  • Young professionals, professionals and those returning to the work force
  • Individual clients and companies
  • Regional clients as well as
  • Online students around the world.

Academic further education includes educational measures which normally build on a previous degree or professional education. Its aim is to expand existing knowledge and capabilities as well as to update a previously acquired qualification. Therefore the HFU Akademie’s portfolio is tailored first and foremost to target persons with a previous degree or equivalent qualification
Utilising the internet to provide learning materials as well as for the support of and exchange among learners allows us to offer online courses which are independent of time and place of learning. This is of particular interest to those learners who, for professional or personal reasons, prefer a flexible and individual approach to learning. Our wide selection of online courses is open to participants from around the world.

Content with practical relevance 
The content of our portfolio is closely related to Furtwangen University's academic departments; it is bound to the rigorous quality level of academic teaching.

HFU Akademie – Our Quality Requirements

HFU Akademie is bound by the following quality standards

  • Part-time/executive Masters programs are fully accredited
  • Long-standing experience in planning and realising academic further education
  • University professors ensure well-founded, current academic content
  • Close contact between university and industry ensure that our seminars have practical relevance and offer useful insights
  • Our further education is tailored to working professionals‘ needs
  • Outstanding advice and support from experienced HFU Akademie staff
  • Evaluation and updating of our further education portfolio takes place on a regular basis

Standards of Quality for our Online Courses

These additional standards apply specifically to our online courses

  • Our online courses are vetted and approved by a dedicated German government body (Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht (ZFU) in Cologne)
  • We employ tried and tested – and most successful – e-learning concepts
  • We offer maximum flexibility through learning which is independent of time and place and allows for an individual pace of learning
  • Outstanding participant support through expert tele-tutors
  • Social learning is facilitated through virtual teams and networks utilising e-learning tools
  • Content focused on practical applicability allows easy transfer of newly acquired knowledge to working life
  • Constant monitoring of our online courses through academic advisors
  • Easy use of learning environment and software

Currently most of our clients require seminars and workshops taught in German. However should you wish for further education in English, we are prepared to provide this. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us!