Together with the other central facilities in the Information and Media Centre, Online Services aims to provide broad access to modern services which support students, lecturers, and other university staff in their daily work.


The introduction of the Servicedesk enables our staff to deal quickly and transparently with questions about systems or the general infrastructure of the Information and Media Centre.
This service is now also used by the faculties themselves to quickly and effectively process queries from students, lecturers, and staff via a permanently contact point.


Studi-Portal allows students to download and print their own personal records and recent study certificates, including:

  • Course certificates in German and English (as well as documents for BAföG student funding, medical insurance, etc.)
  • Transcripts of grades (complete transcript of grades or transcript of passed exams)
  • Exam registrations

This service was developed in cooperation with the Examinations Office and is linked to the system of the Admissions and Records Office. This ensures that all important information is available to students in real time.

For homework and project work, students can use the central management system at , where they can save files and also easily assign access rights to project teams. An additional back-up system provides secure storage for valuable project data.