Intelligent energy monitoring of electric devices

The energy revolution is a key issue in Germany. It involves not only increased use of renewable energies, but also a more economical use of energy. But who knows exactly how much energy a device really uses?

In this research project a system will be developed that will be able to show the energy consumption of individual devices independently from the total consumption. Thus customers can find out the energy consumption of each device with the help of their electricity bill. Additionally usage is measured at a central point, the point where electricity enters the house. From these measurements and using an alogrithm which we develop, the individual consumption and running time of each device can be calculated from the total consumption. This intelligent energy monitoring system is not only interesting for private households, but also for industrial firms running large numbers of machines. So in the future it will be possible to use this kind of monitoring and the energy consumption profiles to identify, for example, which machines are "energy guzzlers" and also wear and tear or breakdowns.

Project partner

Furtwangen University
Université de Haute Alsace
EasyMeter GmbH, Bielefeld
EGT Energie GmbH, Triberg
OSKAR HERR Antriebstechnik e.K., Furtwangen
Power Plus Communications AG, Mannheim
BP Europa SE Bochum

Duration: 3.5 years, 11/2014 – 04/2018

The project is funded by the BMBF through the Young Engineers Research Programme for Universities of Applied Sciences funding line, FKZ 03FH001IX4.


Prof. Dr. Dirk Benyoucef
Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering
Dean of Studies Electrical Engineering (Bachelor)
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