Development of a Coating Process for Functional Surface Modification of Life Science Consumables

Multi-corrugated panels from the partner firm 4titude Ltd., which will be newly coated as part of the project. Photo:

In the NewPolysurf project a new coating process for life science consumables, e.g. multi corrugated panels for PCR analysis, will be developed. Following this, the surface quality and the functionality of the new surface will be examined and characterized using a special testing method. The goal is to obtain life science consumables, with, for example, a water-repellent surface for low DNA bonding or improved cell attachment, as well as to achieve higher chemical durability of the consumables (no cross-contamination with analyts). This new coating process should be suitable for economical batch production.

Sub-project: Coating development and Coating validation

The task that Furtwangen University has, as a sub-project, is the development of a new, but at the same time economical, coating process, in order to apply thin, functional coatings to consumables. The coating process will be developed based on plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD).

Project Partners

Furtwangen University
Plasma Electronic GmbH, Neuenburg
4titude Ltd., Wotton, UK

Duration: 3 years, 06/2016 – 05/2019

The NewPolysurf project, FKZ 01QE1624C, is carried out through the "Eurostars" European funding programme and the German partners funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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