Provision of Care, Quality of Life and Social Participation through MEMS Olfactory Sensor Technology (SensOdor)

Gas measurement chamber

The main goal of the SensOdor project is to improve the care of people with bladder and bowel incontinence and thus also their social participation and their medical care. In this connection it is important to have input from so called gerontechnology and Ambient Assisted Living technologies.

The sensor technology system which will be developed, will assist those affected, their relatives and professional carers to assess the status of hygiene requirements and to take related care measures. Various target groups and methods of care will be focused on in the project.

The project deals with the modelling of sensors and the processing of the signals measured. To do this, algorithms from the area of pattern recognition will be developed. These will categorize the various sensor signals by the respective mixture of gases. In order to define the characteristics of the sensor, a gas measurement chamber has been built, with which it is possible to guide predefined mixtures of gases to the sensor surfaces.

Project Partners

Duration: 2013 - 2016

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) through the FKZ 16SV5944 funding stream of the "Assisted care of tomorrow – outpatient technical support and networking of patients, relatives and carers" funding programme.


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