Contact us if you are looking for:

  • Advice, information and support regarding starting research at Furtwangen University
  • Information about current research programmes funded by the state, the national government, the EU, foundations, etc.
  • Advice and support in applying for research funding
  • Representation at fairs, events and scientific forums, public relations
  • Patent registrations for university inventions, knowledge and technology transfer
  • Contacts for companies seeking expertise in a particular area or referrals to experts on various research questions

Advice on how to gain third party funding for research

Third party funding for research projects is made available upon application by various public funding sources such as the federal and state governments, the EU and various foundations, among others. Several times a year, calls for proposals are announced for research programmes and funding of the project applications submitted is decided by a selection committee.

Information on current calls for proposals can be found at the Institute for Applied Research. Please contact Caroline Armbruster for information about calls for proposals from the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Dr. Manuela Philipp for information regarding the federal government and the EU.

Applications for third party funding for research

When a suitable call for proposals for your project idea is published, if it meets the requirements, a bid can be submitted. If you have any questions or need any information at this point, you are welcome to contact the IAF for assistance.

At latest one week before the submission date, a draft application must be handed into the IAF who will check the following:

  • the application documents
  • and particularly, the financing plan.

The IAF also makes sure the application procedures are correctly followed, including, for example collecting the often required statement and the legally binding signature from the university executive.

Every application must be accompanied by the university's own Project Definition form in which it is set down whether the project is a commercial or a non-commercial project. The university can thus prove that it is complying with current laws requiring them to separate commercial activities such as research contracts for companies, from its public administration responsibilites.